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11 Chancery Lane, Bendigo

We create solutions, manage social platforms, engage and inspire your customers, provide expert advice when buying media and ultimately drive awareness and sales for you!

Project Social was launched at the start of 2016 in Bendigo, Central Victoria. It's the brain child of Tim Ralph. Tim has spent over 20 years in small business and 8 years in Corporate Media.

The team at Project Social includes a photographer, graphic/web designer and writer. Combining all these skill sets and years of industry knowledge whilst fully understanding small business and the importance of engaging with your customer saw the creation of Project Social.

At Project Social we have a "no fluff" policy, we wont use words like "hero" and "champion" to wow you. We create, deliver and manage ideas with edge, inline with your business vision.

Let's make it happen! Email us at projectsocialtr@gmail.com or Give us a call at (+61) 475 869 699

Social Media Marketing
With amazing content and a great engaging strategy, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  offer you the ability to implement a powerful new way to build your brand, its awareness and ultimately, sales.

Whether or not to embrace Social Media is your choice, It isn't going to go away.

Your customers now expect you to be social!

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Project and Event Management
​Relationships, whether personal or digital create experiences that drive business and ultimately sales. Social Media has transformed how we now talk to our potential customer for events. By taking advantage of the numerous digital and social platforms currently available, the value of face-to-face events is increased.

With years of experience not just in small business and media but also hospitality, Project Social can not only market, promote and drive your event, Project Social can also operate the event. 

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Project Social, 2016
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